May 7, 2016

Project Coaching

For and organization to demonstrate its value, it must be able to reliably and predictably execute projects. In today’s environment, executing a project to meet the challenging deadline with the required features seems to be a common crisis. Just look at how many publications, tools, or coaches/consultants out there to help an organization deliver their projects on time…

Based on our experience, we are often surprised to see that there are already plenty of talents and capabilities within the team to deliver a project successfully. Instead of creating more processes that constrain the team from executing quickly, we recommend something different to help a project execute with ease. There is plenty of evidence that a self-driven and empowered team executes a project quicker and delivers better quality. That means a project needs to start by building enough of flexibility for the team to operate, and then continuously establish more flexibility as the project moves forward.

Flexibility within a project does not mean that everyone is free to do whatever he or she would like to! As a team, every single member needs to be pulling in the same direction. This means that we need to establish critical knowledge as a team for where we are heading, what critical challenges we are facing, and what critical actions we should immediately take. In other words, there is always a focus for moving forward, all of the time. Very often, a team tries its best to do everything it can to meet a milestone, while knowing they can’t possibly do everything. As a result, they always fail. When everything is important, nothing is important.

How do we enable this operational model? It requires clear roles and responsibilities within the project, and holding the owners accountable with enough critical elements for success.  We will support you and help you establish a self-driven, empowered team. There is no end to this, but there is always a starting point to begin with, right now. Let us work with you to be your parter for this transformation!

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“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking