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A project delivers certain “values” to its customers. As a result, it establishes and demonstrates the purpose of the organization. Each and every project needs to be maximized to strengthen the critical purpose of the organization. When a project is not maximized, there will be missed opportunities. Executing a project in a dynamic fashion not only incorporates more values from the latest technologies, it also challenges and grows the organization for the future. We will help you identify critical opportunities to take advantage of in your projects!

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Organization is the backbone of the efficiency. You may have the best projects to execute and the best people to utilize, but without a healthy eco-system of support in the organization, it will be extremely difficult to move forward efficiently. When an organization is not structured properly and adjusted regularly, inhibitors will be present to slow down the execution. Roles and responsibilities also need to be evolved accordingly to respond to the latest changes. We will help you identify a new starting point and create a cadence for enabling a continuous improvement!

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People are a critical resource to maximize in order to deliver amazing results. It is important to create a team of people that can collaborate well and, perhaps more important, complement each other when challenges arise. When people are not maximized, there will be waste and the project will be slowed. In addition, morale and motivation will suffer. In a constant changing and highly competitive environment, everyone counts. We will help you utilize this critical resource effectively!


Supporting you to take immediate and unique actions for growth
How do we start?
How do we keep moving forward?

There are lots of coaches and consultants out there. They all have great intentions. However, only few can work side by side with you and help you deliver amazing results. We focus on establishing a collaborative relationship with you to address the challenges together.

We consider Project, Organization, and People as the "dials and levers" you can utilize and to maximize, for achieving amazing results. By leveraging non-traditional, empirical, Lean/Agile approaches, we are paving a path for continuous improvements and growth in a constant changing environment.

We will help you establish strategic directions to move forward with, and identify immediate and unique tactical actions that you can take within your control for visible results!


Applying tactical actions to drive to critical strategic directions

Justin Chien

Executive Coach
Justin has more than 20 years of experience in product development, ranging from hands-on pre-silicon design to post-silicon enablement and from hardware design to software development. He has a proven track record of overcoming technical challenges and maximizing efficiency.
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