May 7, 2016


Justin Chien has more than 20 years of experience in product development, ranging from hands-on pre-silicon design to post-silicon enablement, and from hardware design to software development. He has established a proven track record of overcoming technical challenges and maximizing organization efficiency through non-traditional, empirical Lean/Agile approaches.

As a coach, he has enabled sustainable Lean/Agile behaviors for a faster product development by maximizing the strengths and the capability in the organizations. He conducted 30-40 coaching sessions on average each week to leaders (VP’s, site directors, program managers, group/team/forum leaders, technical leaders, principle engineers, and people managers), in addition to driving targeted strategic team activities with innovative approaches. Frequently he is called upon to support other organizations (graphic/communication chip development, post-si enablement, HR, finance, manufacturing, etc.) when they need to address critical challenges and explore different approaches. He was also invited to conduct a workshop at the European Project Management Institute (PMI) Conference in 2014 to share his unique empirical Lean/Agile approach.

Justin has a broad range of interests outside of work. He regularly applies the unique learning through these experiences in his coaching. He has been a Yoga teacher for more than 11 years. He is also a competitive adult figure skater, currently coached by the former head coach of the Russian National Team. He is knowledgeable of unique bodyweight training to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility altogether. More recently, Justin has ventured into flying trapeze and SCUBA diving although he is neither a fan of heights nor water. He enjoys various forms of arts such as modern art, music (ranged from classical, opera, country, folk rock, to jazz), and theatre. He is an avid world traveler – he enjoys going to new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people.

With an in-depth technical background and the capability of collaborating with diverse groups, he is established as an expert for enabling change, applying unique and empirical solutions, and coaching for leadership in a constantly changing environment. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, he is looking forward to collaborating with you and exploring the opportunities together!

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Cell: 978-549-1865

Location: 40 Fay Street, H-601, Boston, Massachusetts 02118