Kicking off – a thinking platform

After working for Digital/Compaq/Intel for more than 20 years, I am kicking off a coaching/consulting website as a thinking platform.

The second half of that 20 years had been about coaching for a higher level of efficiency within the project, organization, and people. Early on, I had the opportunities to explore the classic Lean and Agile approaches in depth, such as Scrum, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, K-Brief, etc. With a thorough knowledge of these tools, I innovated from these standard tools and methodologies to create unique and empirical approaches. By applying these approaches, I have utilize them to coach leaders throughout Intel.

For example, Critical Question Mapping (CQM) is a tool I learned from a workshop conducted by Terence Barnhart from Pfizer. There was one single element of the “original” CQM captured my attention. I used that single element as a started point and added specific ingredients based the unique environment at Intel to facilitated the very first CQM at Intel. I boldly utilized it to look into the technical readiness of developing a new server microprocessor, as the Logic Design and Validation Manager for that project. It went incredibly well and trigger more starting points to push forward. Since then, I have facilitated hundreds of CQM, and intentionally did something different at each CQM session. Applying the learning from every single difference implemented at each CQM session, it has become a unique approach for enabling Lean/Agile behaviors, addressing challenging topics, and triggering sustainable collaboration. In other words, this is not the traditional CQM, but the CQM for today.

The similar empirical approach has been used regularly to develop unique ways of running face-to-face meetings, group forums, stand-up meetings, execution meetings, organization initiatives, leadership summits, etc. I conducted 30-40 coaching sessions each week on average, to assist leaders ranged from VPs, site directors, program managers, technical leaders, people managers, or even individual contributors. Through these Lean/Agile practitioners (whom I called them), they all took unique actions within their scopes and gained numerous surprising learnings to enable their own growth. All of those folks were not forced or required to meet with me. They found significant and unique values from exploring better ways of doing things through this coaching cadence. Although they were extremely busy, they decided on their own to invest their time to meet with me regularly. Particularly, I drove them crazy and messed up their minds at these coaching sessions. 🙂

I am looking forward to applying the learning from this empirical process to a broader level. I have assisted folks in various departments, from microprocessor development, graphic/communication chip development, HR, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and customer interactions. The opportunities are bountiful and the learning is exciting!

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